Construction Rebars

In today’s burgeoning construction market, the need of the hour is strong and sturdy constructions that stand the test of time. Exemplifying this is Tata Tiscon. Tata Tiscon is available for all reinforcement applications ranging from small individual houses to large infrastructure projects.

For the last decade, Pasa Resources Pvt. Ltd. provides Tata Tiscon products in 16 districts of Jharkhand covering Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Koderma, Dhanbad, Ramgarh and Hazaribagh. The Group also operates in 10 districts of Bihar and one district of Chattisgarh.

SuperLink Stirrups

Tiscon Superlinks are stirrups made of high-strength ribbed TMT rebars in various sizes. They are manufactured through automatic sophisticated machines using the strictest quality control to ensure consistency, quality and accurate dimensions. They have a 135 degree hook for better use with concrete core. The standards followed during manufacturing meet all the Indian Government norms like IS 456, IS 2502, SP 34 and IS 13920.

ReadyBuild-Cut & Bend

The cut and bend structures required in construction often use rebars of different shapes and sizes. Often cutting & bending of the rebars is done at the construction site by unskilled labours, leading to inaccuracies & inefficiencies in the system. Other challenges like timely availability of material, skilled labour shortages, wastages, scrap disposal etc. are also faced.

Tiscon ReadyBuild, a rebar downstream service presently offers the Cut & Bend, Couplers and BBS Development Services that aims at providing customised rebar shapes of rebar needed at the construction sites.

Footings and Readymade Footing

To minimize fabrication mistakes at site, as well as to speed up the construction and more importantly relieve customers from unnecessary hassles, Tiscon Footing offers prefabricated rebar kits. These ready to fix kits are available at Tiscon dealer counters in select cities in 10 mm and 12 mm diameter.

The main advantages of Tiscon Footing are –

  • Machine made with accurate shape and size
  • No need of power connection at site for cutting rebars
  • No on site bending required
  • No micro cracks on the bends as proper mandrels are used
  • Zero wastage of cut lengths
  • Available in ready to use bundles at Tiscon Dealers
  • Need only 2 days to finish foundation

Tata Tiscon has also come up with Site Supervisory Services which comprises providing Technical Advice and Expertise to people building their home.
Site Supervisory Services is offered at 4 different stages of construction:-

  • Footing Stage
  • Plinth Beam Stage
  • Column Stage
  • Beam + Slab Stage